Contactless smart card reader for the Handheld Nautiz eTicket Pro


The Nautiz eTicket Pro Smart Card Reader processes tickets for fare collection and verification, including bus, metro, tram, ferry and train. For contactless smart card transactions, the reader can be used to quickly read and validate a card, or to calculate the required fare and deduct it from the stored value on the card. The mobile reader accepts a broad variation of transponders, e.g. the entire Mifare family from NXP semiconductors including Mifare Standard 1k, Mifare 4k, Mifare DESFire and Mifare UltraLight. For high security applications, the reader supports two SAM chips for strong encryption algorithms. Note: One additional SAM slot below battery is available. The reader is designed to handle a minimum of 5 000 smartcard validations during an eight hour work shift.


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HAN1303 SDK Software development kit for the Nautiz eTicket Pro smart card reader See all releases